Ambition & challenges

Focus on achievements

  • very ambitious
  • competitive
  • strongly driven
  • focus on challenges and achievements
Is driven by achievements such as sports or academic performances. Wants to be socially successful, has a competitive nature. Is strongly motivated, likes challenges and wants to perform well. May find it hard to find a balance between work and private life; focuses strongly on his career and being successful. Can be fanatical and dissatisfied with too little challenges, in which case he may look for a different work environment.
Possible Pitfall:

  • ambitious with a sense of perspective
  • healthy drive to perform well
Has a healthy drive to perform well without losing a sense of perspective. Finds a proper balance between work and private life. Will make a career move if he finds an interesting challenge but rarely puts work or winning in the first place.


  • content
  • leveling
  • sense of perspective regarding success and achievements
Is driven by contentment and rather happy with things as they are. Tends to see winning, success and achievements in perspective and focuses little on career advancements. Is loyal to his work environment, particularly if it is hardly competitive. Tends to be leveling rather than competitive and generous towards other people's success.
Possible Pitfall:
Need for status


  • presentable
  • sensitive to compliments and status
  • rather proud
  • desire to be noticed
Is driven by receiving recognition for his own work and achievements. Values personal status highly. Needs to be complimented and appreciated personally. May find it hard to deal with criticism and feedback – even if it is constructive. May seem somewhat self-satisfied. Usually values a decent personal appearance; likes to look good and presentable.
Possible Pitfall:

  • presentable
  • sensitive to compliments and status
  • rather proud
  • desire to be noticed
Is able to see personal recognition and status in reasonable perspective but cannot completely do without. Responses reasonably well to feedback and criticism. Is motivated rather by constructive feedback than by sharp criticism; tone is important. Doesn't need recognition from everybody but appreciates an occasional compliment and is extra motivated by approval from the people around him. Understands the importance of a decent and presentable personal appearance. Likes to be noticed to some extent.


  • humble
  • attaches little value to personal status
  • temperate
  • responses well to feedback
Is driven by a moderate view on his own achievements and hardly depends on personal status and recognition. Is rather humble and not overly sensitive to compliments – which he doesn't really need. Is hardly motivated by status or recognition. Tends to be temperate and see his own status in perspective. Deals well with feedback and criticism, even if it is personal and not particularly constructive. Performance and appearance may seem somewhat careless or too casual.
Possible Pitfall:


  • need to spread attention and for variation
  • easily distracted
  • curious
  • oriented at surroundings
Is driven by variety and variation in tasks and surroundings. Often likes to do something new and avoids beaten tracks. Possesses a pioneer's mind and innovative powers and may, therefore, have difficulties with concentration and with setting priorities. May be easily distracted but has little difficulties being disturbed at work. Is open to change and new things. Is curious and interested in the unknown. Has an eye for his surroundings and usually a helicopter vision.
Possible Pitfall:

  • focus and variation balanced
  • healthy curiosity
  • reasonable attention for surroundings
Is able to either spread his attention or focus on a limited number of tasks. Prioritizes when necessary and is able to concentrate when the situation calls for it. Appreciates stability but handles change reasonably well. Has a healthy interest in new matters and experiences and a reasonable eye for his surroundings.


  • sharp focus
  • little need to spread attention
  • concentrated
  • loyal
Is driven by focus on tasks and surroundings. Is well able to concentrate, finds it difficult to be disturbed. Prefers to work on a limited number of tasks and rather finishes something before engaging in something new. Sets priorities easily. Occasionally loses sight of his surroundings due to his strict focus. Has little need for new or unknown experiences and some difficulty with change as such. Rather sticks to what is familiar and is, therefore, a loyal employee.
Possible Pitfall:
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